Wanted: CEO Coaches

Learn how to coach CEOs to be Great Leaders and build Great Companies.

I am often referred to as one of the best CEO coaches around, and I am fortunate enough to have written Masterful Coaching, a landmark book taught in every coaching program.

As a result, I always have many CEOs and Entrepreneurs who want to work with me, and have no choice but to be very selective.

My brand has been going through a real resurgence and thus I have been planning to offer in 2017 a CEO coaching program by Masterful Coaching, especially for leaders who have already been CEOs, Entrepreneurs, and Division Leaders.

Let’s face it, the world is full of coaching programs, but few are designed to coach CEOs and Entrepreneur. The one company that says it does coach CEOs basically offers a weekly round-table discussion with peers.

Our program will take place over three weekends where I leverage my experience in coaching Fortune 500 CEOs and Entrepreneurs, showing you all the “tricks of the trade.”

The program is going to start off by focusing on some coaching fundamentals that help you to show up as the most trusted advisor, thinking partner, and go-to source. You will learn how to listen more than you talk, and provide mind-bending insights that create a fundamental shift in people’s thinking and attitude.

The program will also be focused on the specific and unique role of the CEO. The objective of each coaching engagement is to inspire and empower the CEO to become a great CEO and build a great company.

We will explore how to coach leaders to become the leader the business needs, establish a vision, learn to see strategy through the lens of disruption vs. orthodoxy, create a high performance cultural, make money, and build a high-performance team.

Plus, I will teach you the art of SITUATIONAL COACHING, where you will be able to help CEOs with the issues that keep them on the verge of exploding, pulling their hair out, or staying up all night. Things like:

1) No vision, 2) Hostile boards, 3) Reluctant investors, 4) Lack of ‘A’ players on your team, 5) Good strategy, bad strategy, 6) Execution issues, and so on.

I will also teach you the 12 Masterful Coaching Conversations for helping people and organizations to realize an impossible future.

This first three-day Masterful Coaching session will be a BETA version of this program, a kind of experiment, so the prices are going to be less than the $10,000 to $15,000 I would normally charge for an event like this.

In this case, I am only going to charge you $3000 for the entire weekend. Plus, we can provide accommodations for the first 10 people at a very reasonable price at my boutique conference center and guest house.

I will also throw in a copy of three of my 10 books: Masterful CoachingStrategy is How, and First 100 Days. You will walk away with a Masterful Coaching CEO & Entrepreneur Coaching Certificate, as well as a marketing plan for leveraging your network.

I am assuming you have at least one CEO or Entrepreneur connection who you could start working with and the profit you would make would more than offset the cost of this program.

I will also gift you a 10-hour video I made together with Jay Abraham on a business coaching program called Blueprint for a Billion. The video takes you through all five phases of business evolution: 1) Start up, 2) Turnaround, 3) Accelerated Growth, 4) Reinvention, 5) Shut Down.

Follow this link for more info about coaching or call us at 1.617.953.5252 for more info about the course.