Sponsor a Strategy Lab and Tap Group Genius

With The Strategy Lab, any leader and company can disrupt the market, change the game & grow explosively!

The reason the most business strategies fail is that the job is being done by the wrong person – Chiefs of Staffs, Strategy VPs, consultants. As the CEO, once you step up to the job of being your company’s chief visionary and master strategist, it changes everything. You see that your job isn’t to be the single solitary genius who comes up with the strategy and inspires others to execute, but to bring unlikely collaborators together under a big tent and capture creative genius.

The strategy lab is a powerful, unique and time compressed process that allows you to come up with a game-changing strategy. It is engaging, stimulating, and is as far apart from your typical strategy session as night and day. It helps your team combine the analytical brilliance of a McKinsey with the creative genius of an IDEO. We have developed a powerful four step model to help you to navigate your way through the process, as well as many creative exercises.

A typical strategy session tends to be short on imagination and innovation, long on competitive analysis. Strategy is often seen as “a thing” that is known or a problem already solved and settled. These kinds of strategy sessions don’t produce strategies, they produce plans.

In The Strategy Lab, you will discover your own ability to create visionary game-changing, growth strategies at a fraction of the time and cost. Strategy is not just intended, like a $ billion in revenue and a plan. It’s emergent, based on game-changing opportunities, unmet needs. It isn’t something that is known at the at start of the session, but an unknown waiting to be imagined, invented in the process. People brainstorm new business concepts. Serious play, rapid prototyping is used to accelerate the process.

A great strategy starts with creating a company that truly matters rather than beating the competition. Think Apple, Ikea, Amazon, Google…

Some highlights of The Strategy Lab:

  • Demystifies the process of crafting a winning strategy step-by-step.
  • Captures the strategic genius in the group.
  • Shifts the team to a higher level of strategic dialogue – thinking and working better together.
  • Happens in an “accelerated solutions ecology” – what typically takes months, happen in days.
  • Has many applications: new business, reinventing business, optimizing businesses, or driving sales/ cutting costs

Four Stage Model for Creating a Game-Changing Strategy

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When someone in your group says, “we need to have a strategy session,” give us a call @ 617-739-3300 or message us below and see how we might help you make your session a real game-changer –  something that really has an impact.