Take the CEO (or CEO Designate) Greatness Test

Based on Robert Hargrove’s 30 LAWS


Are you on a trajectory for becoming a Great CEO and building a Great Company? I invite you to take the CEO Readiness Test based on the 30 Laws of Being a Great CEO and then jump on a 30-min call with me. I promise you that this has the potential to be one of the most powerful conversations of your life.




STEP 1. Review the 30 Laws for being One of the Greatest CEOs of Our Time and Building a Great Company.


STEP 2. Next, simply rate yourself 1 to 5 on how you think you are doing with respect to the 30 Laws.


STEP 3. You can send in your answers to me on a totally confidential basis and arrange a conference call to discuss them.


STEP 4. Or you can hold onto them and just discuss them when we speak.


STEP 5. If you want, I will sign an NDA before we begin this process.


Download: Hargrove’s 30 LAWS for Becoming One of the Greatest CEOs of Our Times. 

Call Robert Hargrove at 1.617.953.5252 for a FREE COACHING CONVERSATION to explore how you’re doing with the 30 LAWS.

Or, contact me by email at robert.hargrove@rhargrove.com