Our Specialty: Consigliere to the “New” CEO

Find a CEO Consiglieri Who Can Add Massive Value

When I became CEO, the board said, ‘You need a CEO Consigliere.’ I said, get me the best in the world. Robert Hargrove kept showing up at the top of everyone’s list. I’ve been working with him for over a decade and he has added massive value. -Rene Jaeggi, CEO of Adidas

The CEO leads from the spotlight, the CEO Consigliere leads from the shadows.

John Doerr, the billionaire Venture Capitalist from Silicon Valley, says that the difference between a CEO Titan and the kind of CEO who just holds the wheel of the job is not just being smart or ambitious. It’s often a CEO Consiglieri who stands in that person’s greatness and acts as a source of inspiration, a most trusted advisor, a masterful thinking partner, and go-to source.

My research of 300 great CEOs shows that without exception everyone had a CEO Consiglieri. Jack Welch had Ram Charon, Alan Lately of P&G had Peter Drucker, and Richard Branson had Freddy Laker.

Being a “new” CEO is a job that nothing can prepare you for and a CEO Consigliere can be a difference maker.

Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos, and Larry Page all had a CEO Consiglieri, how about you?

My work involves helping new CEOs step up to the specific and unique role of being the CEO. It truly is a job that nothing can prepare you for, not an MBA, not a C-suite role, not even being a big division head.

Today, being a CEO is no longer just managing something big and complex, as you never know where the next disruption is coming from.

You must be Mr. Outside in dealing with Wall Street, the Board, and customers. You must be Mr. Inside in dealing with C-suite members, functions, business units, and thousands of staff.

You must juggle multiple goals and priorities, deal with problems as complicated as Gordian knots, there is always a looming crisis, and it’s all happening at once.

A world-class CEO Consigliere who stands in your greatness, who you can talk to about whatever is really on your mind, and who can add massive value is an incredible asset.

The best CEOs and entrepreneurs create a cultural island where having a coach is a sign of strength.

You can’t just coach people from the head, you must do it from the heart. -Herb Kelleher, founder Southwest Airlines

Today, a lot of CEOs and entrepreneurs step into a culture where they are supposed to have all the answers. It’s often not acceptable to ask for help. They often foolishly choose to go it alone, assuming others may think that, if they have coach, they may not be up to the job.

The best CEOs and entrepreneurs create a cultural island where thinking and working together with a CEO Consigliere only makes them look stronger. Bill Campbell, the Secret CEO Whisperer of Silicon Valley, was the coach to Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos, and Peter Theil.

When Jeff Bezos became CEO of Amazon, his board recommended a coach. Said John Doerr, “You can’t teach someone to be a creative genius, but you can teach them to run a business operation.”

My 30 Laws to becoming a Great CEO provides you a “managerial frame” and acts as a catalyst and amplifier.

Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos, and Larry Page all had a CEO Consiglieri, how about you?

I spent over a decade doing research on the greatest CEOs of all time and discovered that being a Great CEO is not an art and not an exact science, but a craft that is teachable (and learnable).

I developed two sets of tools. One is the 10 CEO Titan Habits, which are designed to help you become the leader the business needs.

The second is what I call, The 30 Laws for Being a Great CEO and Building a Great Company (business building strategies and tactics). Take a look at it here. 

My coaching you on the 30 laws ensures your CEO playbook is actually holistic, rather than just defaulting to what you have always done well.

The 30 Laws to being a Great CEO is not just an intellectual exercise, but something that is totally gettable and actionable.

For example, establish a Big Vision and ennobling purpose that represents creating a company that truly matters to customers. Attack biggest and most strategic industries, target a high growth market segment, come up with breakthrough value propositions, apply a 10X technology for a quantum leap advantage, and drive monopoly profits.

The CEO Consigliere Relationship is outcome-oriented, situation-specific, and real-time.

The CEO & The ConsigliereMy view is great CEOs don’t develop in the classroom, but through experiences. My goal as CEO Consigliere is to make your agenda my agenda. There is no pre-arranged course you go through. It’s all about your vision, goals, and strategies for how to reach them. Most importantly it is about whatever is really on your mind when we pick up the phone or sit down to talk.

I never talk to you like a professor in an ivory tower. The work is never academic, theoretic, or abstract. It’s always outcome oriented, situation specific, and occurs in real time.

We may talk about this week’s board meeting or next week’s investor presentations, search for a scalable business model, or deal with frustrating people issues.

My goal is to expand your aperture so you don’t get blindsided, as well as to question what you take for granted in order to increase your batting average on decisions and judgement calls.

My New CEO Consiglieri Services, How It Works:


We meet and start to build a high trust relationship
The goal is to explore the CEO/Consigliere relationship and start build a high trust rapport so you can choose to become a client

Kick Off Session
I immerse you in my 30 Laws to Being a Great CEO. You learn it by taking my 25 steps which are entirely actionable, as you apply it to your business with coaching in real time.

Quarterly Face-to-Face Session
In the session, we do a leadership review and a business review. The goal is to help you stay on track with becoming the leader the business needs. We review how you are showing up as a leader in the company, as well as your business vision, BHAG goals, and specific business strategies for how to reach them.

Weekly Call (or breakfast)
The goal is for you to be a great CEO and build a great company. We start with discussing whatever is really on your mind. For example, how to deal with a hostile board, having a powerful story to tell Wall Street, building an ‘A’ team. I ask a few questions, draw you out, and then focus on saying the one thing that will make a difference for you.

Special Offer: Let me Buy You an Hour of My Time

If you are the CEO of a company over $100 million or you are the Founder of a venture funded high-tech startup and you want to know what it’s like to work with a CEO Consigliere, let me buy you an hour of my time.

I will even, in some cases, buy you a day of my time, if there seems to be the potential for a win/win relationship that everyone will derived a great deal of satisfaction from.

Here are some of the topics we can discussion:

• Your first 100 days in a new CEO job
• Becoming the CEO your business needs (25 steps)
• Dealing with the Board effectively
• Having a powerful story to tell Wall Street
• Your vision of a fantastic future (applying 10X thinking)
• Dual Track Transformation Plan
• Maximizing and optimizing your core business
• Creating new business that drives exponential growth
• Building a world-class culture
• Building an aspirational brand, great customer experience

Please call me at 617-953-6230 to set up a time to talk!