Become a Great CEO, Build a Great Company

Trial Offer: 7 CEO CONSIGLIERE CALLS to maximize your influence & impact. 

I was looking for a great way to give people a direct experience of just how powerful it is to have a CEO Consigliere.

The truth is that you can’t really know the huge difference having a CEO Consigliere makes, who is truly a masterful coach and standing totally committed to your success, until you have experienced it.

That’s why I decided to make a special offer of 7 personalized coaching calls to CEOs, Entrepreneurs, GM’s, and HR to give you that opportunity.

I often refer to myself as a CEO Consigliere, because what I do is distinctly different than the typical temporary coaching engagement. My sweet spot is spotting unusually talented people who have the potential to be a great CEO or entrepreneur and build a great company, then working with them in their business over time to make that a reality.

Masterful Coaching by Robert HargroveJust so you know something about my pedigree, just click here to get my bio. However, if you are click averse, here are some highlights:

  • Author of the landmark book, Masterful Coaching, Become the leader your business needs and create an Impossible Future
  • I’ve coached over 30,000 people in a program called “The Transformational Leader”
  • One of my clients was voted Fortune 500 CEO of the Year. I started working with him as a middle manager.
  • One CEO client grew his business from $3 billion in market cap in 2010 to $30 billion today.

I normally charge $1000 per hour, admittedly an exorbitant rate, but my trial offer is that you can do the seven 60-minute coaching calls for just $4500, at any cadence you like.

I will do my absolute best to make each call not only specific to your goals, aspirations, and needs, but also that they are eye-opening, brain-rattling, and action-oriented.

The topics can be on the things we offer here at Masterful Coaching or anything you want.

  • CEO Succession: Choosing a CEO successor or making the ascent to power yourself
  • The First 100 Days: Building a First 100-Day Action Plan
  • New CEO Consigliere: Stepping up to the specific and unique role of being a CEO or Entrepreneur
  • Creating a “Leaders Everywhere” culture

The sine qua non of the work I do, introduced in my landmark book, Masterful Coaching, are these basic things:

  1. Becoming the leader your business needs
  2. Maximizing your influence and impact
  3. Going for a fantastic future or ennobling purpose
  4. Strategy is how—Strategies to make vision a reality
  5. Delivering extraordinary and tangible $ results

Working with a CEO Consigliere is different and distinct from working with a consultant or traditional coach. 

Masterful Coaching is Disruptive
The CEO Consigliere Relationship is an intersection of coaching and consulting


If you would like to sign up for the 7 CEO CONSIGLIERE CALLS, contact us at +1 617 953 6230 or send us a message here.

This will have to happen on a first come, first serve basis, as I only have limited number of openings on my schedule. After that, I will be happy to assign you to a Masterful Coach in your area that has been personally trained by me.

PS. Let me buy you a day of my time…

If we start talking during the first session and we both decided we really have a lot of synergies, I will be happy to buy you a day of my time, by inviting you to come to my mini boutique conference center to spend the day with me at no charge on the pressing topics on your mind.