Executive Coaching For CEOs & Entrepreneurs

My job is to help you master the specific and unique role of being a CEO and Entrepreneur through private business coaching services & mentoring

Being a CEO or Entrepreneur is not a job but a career, and one which nothing can prepare you for. That’s why top boards and VC Firm’s best advice to new CEOs is “find a coach.”

Over the past three decades, I have run one of the top executive coaching firms in NYC. I have been a CEO Whisperer, coach, and regular thinking partner to some of the best CEOs and the entrepreneurs in the world. Your success or failure as a CEO or Entrepreneur is just an accumulation of judgement calls and my job is increase your batting average.

I don’t coach from up in the stands, from a Ted Talk, book or blog, but from down on the court so I can help in real situations as they emerge. I am there to discuss whatever is on your mind.

What Only The CEO Can Do

I help you master 7 jobs through the executive coaching process that no one else in the company can accomplish:

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1) My job #1 is to help you become the CEO and leader your business needs; to develop a vision that says “This is who we intend to be as a company,” and build a high performing culture where values matter.

2) I act as your CEO Whisperer in developing a game plan to win over your board and investors so that you have their full confidence and trust in your most pivotally important goals and priorities.

3) I help you to define what Peter Drucker called a “meaningful outside” (as everyone else is focused on the inside), where all the opportunities lie—new trends, new technology, new markets, new customers.

4) I act as your thinking partner in creating a bridge between the outside world and the inside organization – building a trusted team at the top, coming up with a powerful growth strategy, getting integrated end-to-end processes in place.

5) I encourage you to make sure your organization executes, delivers this year’s numbers, and has a powerful story to tell Wall Street for the next year, as you are the only person the outside world holds accountable for performance.

6) I act as your go-to-source in managing multiple goals and priorities, navigating your way through tough negotiations, dealing with the fact that something is always going wrong and it’s all happening at once.

7) My job is also to help you lead the life you want and be a Total Leader who integrates self, work, family, and community.

The best CEOs and entrepreneurs dream bigger, re-imagine the everyday, disrupt the status quo and deliver superior value. -John Doerr, Venture Capitalist

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Business Coaching Clients We Work With

  • Sitting CEOs of large companies: Those who want to rewrite their future, their company’s future, and transform themselves as leaders in the process.
  • CEO Designates: Being a CEO is a job that nothing can prepare you for, neither a big C-Suite role or major accomplishment in a function. I will help you to step up to the role and put you on a trajectory to master it.
  • Entrepreneurs/ Owner Operators: We coach owner operators to actually go beyond entrepreneurship to creating the foundations of an enduring enterprise and excellent financial performance.

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Executive Coaching NYC

As one of the pioneers of the executive leadership coaching industry, it is no surprise that a significant number of my corporate coaching clients are based in NYC and I love working with CEOs, entrepreneurs and other leaders in the New York business community.

Business Coaching in Boston and Beyond

I have, however, also been privileged to provide top executive coaching programs to business men and women in my home of Boston as well as countries around the world. It’s certainly not a rare experience for me to jump on a plane to meet my long-distance clients in person creating a strong foundation for a relationship that can be continued virtually.

Other Coaching/Advisory Services

Interested in finding out more about our executive coaching programs? Call my NYC office at (917) 789-6660, direct message us below, or email me directly at Robert.Hargrove@rhargrove.com, for an easy and natural conversation where we can look at your goals, challenges, issues, dilemmas and how I might help through private leadership coaching.