Masterful Coaching for CEOs in Boston

With a focus on new CEOs and company founders in the Boston area

yellow arrowOne of my CEO coaching clients was voted by Fortune 500 the #1 CEO of the Year.

yellow arrowClients also include: the Chairman of the New York Stock Exchange, European CEO of the Year, COO of the Pentagon with a budget of 360 billion per year.

yellow arrowI have been a CEO Whisper to CEOs, entrepreneurs, owner operators in almost every industry, and every country.

Let me introduce myself…

Boston CEO CoachMy name is Robert Hargrove. I am the author of Masterful Coaching, which many business schools and coaches in the world have adopted. I have had the opportunity to be a CEO Whisperer to some of the best CEOs and founders.

My focus is on newer CEOs and Founders in the Boston area who are stepping up into a role that nothing in their past experience can prepare them for; not an MBA, not being CFO or COO, not even running a big organization.

Leaders like Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos, Larry Page, Larry Ellison all had CEO whisperers when they came into the job, often recommended by their board or private equity firm.

The Goal of the Coaching

My goal is to help you understand the specific and unique role that a CEO plays and then help you live into that role in the real world so that you exceed expectations and accomplish what you need to accomplish. We generally meet once a week or so for a breakfast, lunch, or dinner and engage in a conversation about whatever is really on your mind. We also have conversations by phone.

For example, we might talk about:

  • Being the leader your business needs
  • Feeling confident that the board knows you are doing a good job
  • Stepping up to job of the of being your company’s chief visionary, and master strategist
  • Leading a transformation effort
  • Making sound decisions and avoiding costly misjudgments.

I can compress a lifetime of experiences on all of the issues above in a single conversation. I draw you out, gain insight into your situation, and hopefully say the one thing that will add massive value.

A lot of my job is to make sure you don’t get derailed by emotional reactions, or cognitive biases where you are operating from a mental model that worked in the past, but which may not today.

I know you don’t know me that well, so let me invite you to jump on a 15-minute phone call to see if there are any synergies between us.

As Chris Kasper, CEO of Harvest Power, a $300 million company, put it, “Masterful Coaching is transformative, not just informative.”

Client companies include:  Nike, Fidelity Investments, ConocoPhillips, Zurich Financial Services, Unilever, UBS, Toyota Zurich, Unilever, Royal Bank of Scotland, Philips Electronics, Bell Canada, Adidas.

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