I offer a First 100 Day coaching process specific to the specific and unique role of CEOs and presidents

You are about to start your first 100 days as a new CEO or president. It’s one of the most amazing jobs you could ever wish for, yet also one of the hardest to get and hardest do well.

I’ve coached hundreds of CEOs and I can tell you from first-hand experience that your first 100 days in your new executive role will have an outsized impact on everything that happens during your time in the job.

My job is to help you successfully navigate the surprising opportunities and challenges of your first 100 days, which are all too often underestimated.

If you are successful in your first 100 days, it will be a launchpad for you to become a great CEO and build a great company. Yet the reality is that the first 100 days is often a steep and slippery slope that many CEOs and executives don’t survive.

According to Michael Watkins of Harvard Business School almost 60% of new CEOs are out the door in 28 months.

First 100 Days in a New Executive JobI’m Robert Hargrove, author of Your First 100 Days, and I offer a Masterful Coaching process specific to CEOs and presidents.

CEOs and presidents have some specific and unique things to accomplish in their first 100 days that go way beyond Executive Onboarding. For example, creating an EXTERNAL FOCUS and an INTERNAL FOCUS, establishing a big vision or ennobling purpose, creating a dual track business transformation plan, and transforming corporate culture.

CEOs in their first 100 days also need to take into account which of the Five Phases of Business Evolution the business is in: 1) Start Up, 2) Turnaround/Pivot, 3) Accelerated Growth, 4) Reinvention, or 5) Exit.

My First 100 Day Ten Step Coaching Process is based on ten critical success strategies that will make everyone cheer you on.

I will show you how to conduct Due Diligence Interviews that leave you with the powerful insights required to build a First 100 Day Action Plan.

I will show you how to walk into the building day one and not only start building human connections, but also let people know that there is a new sheriff in town and seal your leadership through symbolic actions.

Together, we will work on establishing your long-term vision, ‘A’ item priorities, and quick wins that build increasing political capital, credibility, and momentum.

Robert Hargrove taught me to stand in an Impossible Future, while delivering immediate business results. -Richard Severance, President, ConocoPhillips

Why coaching? Creating a First 100 Day Plan sounds simple, but executing it is a different story.

To be sure, you can figure out how to come up with a 100-day plan of some kind, but it’s very easy to be blindsided by your own biases.

For example, many executives tend to overemphasize the importance of vison and strategy and under estimate the importance of mastering the political chessboard and culture.

By hiring me as your First 100 Day coach, you make sure that you have another set of eyes that help you see something important you might otherwise totally miss.

Plus, it really helps to have a masterful thinking partner to question what you take for granted about what you should do in your first 30 days, second 3 days, third thirty days and onward.

The role I play in coaching CEOs and Entrepreneurs follows two tracks.

TRACK 1. Becoming a CEO.

I will help you step up to the specific and unique role of being a CEO or president, a job that nothing can prepare you for, not an MBA, nor another C suite job or even being head of a big division. Suddenly you are the only person the outside world holds accountable for the financial performance of the company.

  • You must be the bridge between the outside world of customers and the inside world of the organization
  • You must both strengthen and extend the existing business, while looking for powerful new business opportunities.

TRACK 2. Mastering the First 100 Days

In my book, Your First 100 Days in a New Executive Job – Powerful First Steps on the Path to Greatness, I lay out my ten critical success strategies, which you can see below.

These are great strategies to follow in your First 100 Days, but I can guarantee you that it’s much more complex than “paint by the numbers.” You are going to need a coach to implement these strategies in real time, because the situation that each person is walking into is going to be different.

  • How will you establish a long-term vision or ennobling purpose that inspires sacrifice?
  • How will you win the board over to your strategic priorities so they are a tailwind at your back vs. a headwind in your face?
  • What early wins can you score that will build political capital, credibility, and momentum?

“Robert Hargrove is masterful at his craft with a full tool belt and can help you in many ways.” -Chris Kasper, CEO, Harvest Power

How it works. First, I send you a free copy of my book for you to review, My First 100 Days. We will follow this up with:

1. Face to Face Meetings: We have up to three face-to-face meetings (if possible) that deal with: 1) Due diligence, 2) Creating a 100-day action plan, 3) Securing some early wins.

2. Coaching Calls: Together we talk week by week over a 90-day period to apply the 10 key critical success strategies to your specific leadership, business, and team situation.

3. 360 transformational coaching (feedback) in the second or third month (if appropriate) The things that made you strong in your old job could be vulnerabilities in your new one.


1) Getting clear on your going-in mandate with the board
2) Preparing for the job before you start
3) Conducting Due Diligence Interviews, the art and craft
4) Creating a First 100 Day Strategy and Action Plan
5) Mastering the political chessboard and culture
6) Having a story ready for investors day one
7) Is your team going to make it? — who goes, who stays
8) Establishing a big vision or ennobling purpose
9) Creating a vision-backs strategy — ‘A’ item priorities
10) Securing early wins that build credibility and momentum

I can help you with drawing you out and writing speeches, preparing strategy presentations, coming up with a transforming vision, entering the world of transactional real politik, and cutting deals that make sense.

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