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Maximizing CEO Impact and Top Team Effectiveness

Robert has been a CEO Whisperer to the Chairman of the New York Stock Exchange, Fortune 500 CEO of the Year, European CEO of the Year, Assistant Sec of Defense, and the Executive Director UNICEF. He has also helped many emerging leaders become Fortune 500 CEOs or C-Suite members.

Many CEOs get coaching and mentoring earlier in their careers, but when they became CEOs, decide to go it alone for fear that asking for help would make them look like they were not up to the job.

The paradox is that most great Chief Executives have a CEO Consiglieri who they work with very intensively and who is often a career-long presence (whereas average ones don’t). The list includes Barack Obama and Valerie Jarrett, Warren Buffet and Charlie Munger, Steve Jobs and Bill Campbell, Indra Nooyi and Roberto Goizueta.

As a CEO Consigliere, Robert converts CEOs into clients by establishing a trust-based relationship and adding massive value on multiple fronts, as well as often becomes a career-long presence in a leader’s life.

He functions as the First Friend, Lodestone, Svengali, Leadership Guru, and Thinking Partner on the New CEO’s First 100 Day Transformational Plan, Strategic Advisor, Behind the Scenes M&A Negotiator, Organization Design Specialist, Reputation Defender or Fixer.

Other topics could include:

1) Dealing with the Board
2) Establishing a Brand, Image, and True Purpose
3) Stepping up to the job of being Chief Visionary and Master Strategist
4) Hiring a Team of Exceptional People
5) Transforming Corporate Culture

CEO Coaching for CEOs
$7000 per day, 3 days per year minimum. Inquire about hourly rate.

Please call for a free 30 minute consultation @ (917) 789-6660

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For New CEO’s: The First 100 Day Transformation Plan

One of Robert Hargrove’s new CEO clients was voted Fortune 500 CEO of the Year. He grew the company from $3 billion to $30 billion and totally transformed its corporate culture.

According to Robert: “I coach CEOs and CEO designates. We start with building out a New CEO Transformation Plan that involves the leader transforming themselves into a CEO, as they transform the organization.”

Like the Presidency of the United States, nothing can prepare you for the job of the CEO, not an MBA, not being a C Suite member, not even being President of a big division of a company.

You must be Mr. Outside, Mr. Inside, chief visionary and Master Strategist, juggle multiple goals and priorities, manage competing stakeholders. There is always a looming crisis and it’s all happening at once.

CEOs need a Consigliere, as in Mario Puzo’s The Godfather, someone who can act as a lodestone that takes the world off your shoulders and is your most trusted advisor and go-to source on many different things. That is the role Robert plays as a CEO Consiglieri, not someone you turn to for the occasional advice, but someone who you regularly interact with.

The problem is that today, many CEOs live in a culture where the leader is not supposed to have all the answers and is not supposed to ask for help for fear it will make them look like they are not up to the job.

Yet many Boards, VC firms and great CEO are creating an culture island where a CEO Consiglieri is the way to go. Examples include Steve Warren Buffet, Michael Bloomberg, Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos, and Larry Page.

CEO & Executive Coaching Program for New CEOs
$150,000 plus per year—includes 360 Transformational Coaching, monthly face to faced consultation and weekly calls.

Please call for a free 30 minute consultation@ (917) 789-6660.

Download Robert’s bio here.