Your CEO Advisor

CEO Advisor: Job Description
CEOs lead from the spotlight; a CEO Advisor leads from the shadows. The CEO is the top dog, ace of accountability, final decision-maker. The CEO Advisor is the Leader Maker, Most Trust Advisor and Go to Source who offers the wise counsel upon which the success of the CEO depends.

All great CEOs have a CEO Advisor, how about you?

Think about Warren Buffet and Charlie Munger, Jack Welch and Ram Charan, Lafley and Peter Drucker, Richard Branson and Freddy Laker, Michael Bloomberg and David Salomon, Steve Jobs and Bill Campbell. These are just a few examples of Great CEOs who had CEO Advisors.

They didn’t just call on their CEO Advisor for occasional pearls of wisdom, but reached out to the them on a regular basis to discuss whatever was on their minds.

The CEO Advisor can help you be consistent with your own True North, help shape strategy to deliver consistent growth over time, and dramatically improvement your judgement on decisions and judgement calls.

A research study at Stanford University shows that, while top performing CEOs had CEO Advisors, poor performing CEOs didn’t. In most cases, they were concerned it would look like they weren’t up to the job.

The Stanford study showed that the first step in turning performance around was to get beyond being a vain, alpha CEO and be willing to ask for help.

As a CEO Advisor, I help you master the CEO’s specific and unique role.

My job is to help new CEOs and CEO designates is to make sure they are ready to fill the CEO’s role. My first goal as a CEO Advisor is to make sure the CEO understand the specific and unique role of the CEO as practiced by the greatest CEOs of all time.

The goal of great CEOs is to build a company that truly matters, not just delivers next quarter’s returns to Wall Street. CEOs who do this tend to focus on creating the context of the organization, rather than just focusing on the day to day operations.

My goal is to help CEOs align how they spend their time in these five areas:

  1. Being the chief visionary and master strategist of the organization.
  2. Shaping the brand image, core values, and standards of the company.
  3. Building an organization that is a total system of value creation.
  4. Balancing present yields from profitable revenue growth with investing in the future.
  5. Being the person who the outside world holds accountable for performance.

CEO Strategic Advisor—“Strategy is the bedrock of the CEO’s job.”

My first job as a CEO Advisor is to help leaders step up to the job of being the chief visionary and master strategist of their organizations. The problem is most CEOs today delegate strategy to specialists or see strategy as a problem that was solved and settled a long time ago.

Unfortunately, this often creates a disconnect between leadership and strategy which results in blah strategies or lack of implementation. When the CEO steps up to the job of bring the chief visionary and master strategist, it changes everything.

I have a five-step process that I use as a CEO Strategic Advisor, that I wrote about in my book Strategy is How:

  1. Get outside the building, which is where endless possibilities and exciting opportunities lie.
  2. Declare an Impossible Future for your company that involves making a difference that truly matters to customers.
  3. Strategy is How—Gain insight into The Problem or Nut to Crack and The Solution.
  4. Establish an organization that is a total interlocking system of value creation.
  5. Execute like a monomaniac on a mission.

A CEO Advisor – Real Time Situation Management

The military coined the term VUCA to describe a methodology that goes beyond strategy to real time situation management. In military terms, the acronym stands for Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous.

For business leaders, the message is clear, don’t just focus on your grand strategy, operating plan, and the culture change, start focusing more on real time situation management.

As a CEO Advisor, I offer you wise counsel in real time situation management in dealing with emerging issues, where there are no textbook answers and no simple or obvious plans.


  • You are facing a hostile board and you are not sure how to turn the situation around.
  • You have had a masterful few years growing your business, but growth is hard to sustain. Next week you must tell Wall Street where new growth will come from.
  • Key players on your leadership team, who are not easy to replace, are really disappointing you.
  • Your company is being disrupted by low end competitors, offering a worse product at a cheaper price.
  • An army of concerned citizens have shown up at your plant and are protesting the stink that is coming from it, creating a PR nightmare.

CEO Peer Advisory Group and Board can help you work on your leadership and business with other CEOs, just like you.

Robert Hargrove is a Masterful Coach who not only gives you advice worth its weight in gold, but helps you build a Peer Advisory Group and Board.

Each month there is a thought provoking topic that addresses the needs that today’s CEOs face. The group digs deep on the issues and opportunities this presents.

Everyone leaves with a three-step specific action plan that is totally doable.

  • Leadership in a Crazy World
  • M&A Rules of the Road
  • Strategy: Capturing Collective Intelligence
  • Gaining Operational Insight
  • Applying Enabling Technology at Low Cost

Please contact us if interested in participating in a group.

CEO Advisor Fees

  • For Business up to a million: CEO Advisory services require a monthly contract with a minimum of $3000 per month on a one yearly basis.
  • Fortune Five 100 CEO and CEO Designate: Client rates start at $100,000 a year plus.
  • Coaching packages are available on an introductory basis. Three Sessions @ $2500.