Hello, I’m Robert Hargrove – author, speaker, CEO Whisperer

I am often referred to as one of the best Executive Coaches in the world. As a director of the Harvard Leadership Research Project and co-founder of Venture Capitalist Partners, I’ve had the opportunity to connect with and coach some of the best CEOs and entrepreneurs. If we work together, I will help you become the leader the business needs and build a company that truly matters to customers.

I am proud to be the author of a landmark book, Masterful Coaching, that gave birth to the Executive Coaching Movement and is required reading in almost every Executive Coaching Certification program in the world. It’s gratifying how many people at Key Note talks and conferences have asked me to autograph exceedingly dog-eared, Post It filled, coffee-stained copies of my book.

My work is about helping you and your organization achieve an impossible future. I am a coaching fundamentalist who believes this work should be about helping leaders find the courage to take on the impossible, not the predictable, and I focus on transformation, not just development. My work is about building great leaders, and also great teams.

My clients (ahem, friends) consistently “go for extraordinary” and achieve it. One of my CEO clients, who I worked with for a decade, was voted Fortune 500 CEO of the Year. We worked together on creating a high-performing culture (HPC) and he grew his business exponentially from $3 billion to $30 billion. My client list includes leaders from the Pentagon, Nike, Fidelity, Philips, Conoco, and Abvie.

I like working with people and companies who have a hunger. I am good at spotting people, like Tom Brady, who are fourth-round draft choices in sports, but who have latent talent and hunger, become superstars. I have helped many people who were seriously underestimated or totally “off the radar” to become Fortune 500 CEOs, or Silicon Valley entrepreneurs who did IPOs.

I am there to help you. I act as your most trusted advisor, thinking partner, and go-to guy for whatever you need. I will help you to stay focused on your Big Win Goals and Strategic Plan, and at the same time, 90% of what I do is situational coaching where we talk about whatever is most pressing on your mind.

Please enjoy this website. I’ve been fairly successful, but I am still a learner. As you browse these pages, I hope you learn something that will help you become successful in both your personal and professional life.

People have been kind enough to say about me…

 “Robert put executive coaching on the map with his landmark book Masterful Coaching over a decade ago, inspiring people with his paradigm smashing idea that extraordinary leaders develop in the process of producing extraordinary results.”

“Robert has an ability to listen like you are the most important person in the world. He has a knack for cutting through Gordian knots with a few simple but deceptively powerful principles, or summing things up with a Zen-like transformational question.”

“There are many ‘coaches,’ but Robert is the real deal, his work with me over a one-year period was totally transformational.”

If you think we have some potential synergies or I can help you in some way, please reach out to set up a free 15-minute consultation.

Robert Hargrove
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Robert’s Books

Robert is the author of many books and articles on coaching, leadership and collaboration. You can see Robert’s books here and download sample chapters.

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